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Welcome to the South Prairie PTO!

 The South Prairie PTO is a non-profit organization whose membership includes all parents, legal guardians, teachers, and staff at South Prairie Elementary.

Our Mission:

The PTO serves to enhance and maximize the educational experience of every student enrolled in South Prairie Elementary. We accomplish this by promoting open communication and understanding between South Prairie parents, teachers, and staff. To help enhance every students educational experiences the PTO provides mini grants to teachers, subsidizes field trips, coordinates fundraisers, organizes educational and social programs, purchases necessary items for South Prairie, supports school and family interaction, and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information pertaining to issues that impact South Prairie students and families.

Why should I join the PTO?

Parent groups play an important role in building a nurturing school environment in which students and teachers can be and do their best.

The South Prairie PTO affords parents and other interested family members the opportunity to:

  • Learn about South Prairie Elementary School
  • Keep current with upcoming events and programs
  • Work with South Prairie Teachers and Staff
  • Get to know other South Prairie Families
  • Plan and provide input for future PTO sponsored activities

To volunteer, please contact one of the PTO Officers!