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Inclement Weather

Picture of a a car driving on a snow covered road.

In the event of severe weather, the Superintendent may choose to close the District. When there is an indication of possible inclement weather, the Superintendent monitors the forecasts and consults with:

  • The District’s Office of Transportation
  • The District's Building and Grounds Department
  • Superintendents of other area school districts

The Superintendent determines whether students can safely be transported to and from school and if staff can arrive at school safely. The Superintendent tries to make the decision to open on time or close schools by 6:00 AM. However, there may be times when the decision must be made later.

When the District remains open during inclement weather and families have a concern, it is their right to keep their student home. If families choose to keep their students home, please use the school attendance line to notify school personnel.

Delayed Start

In some cases, we may decide to delay the start of school by two hours if it is expected that the temperature or road conditions will improve. When this decision is made, our schools will start two hours later than the regularly scheduled time. 

  • Elementary Schools will start at 10:45 AM
    • Walk to Learn students should report directly to their home school.
  • Middle School will start at 9:45 AM
  • High School will start at 9:50 AM
    • Zero Hour Classes will be canceled. 

In addition, the following changes will be made to our specialized programs:

  • Little Spartans Early Learning Program morning classes will be canceled. The afternoon classes will continue at their regular time. 
  • Morning OSCAR will be canceled, and our OSCAR Jr. will open at 10:00 AM. 
  • Life School will be on a one-hour delay and begin at 10:00 AM. 
  • All out-placed students will not report to school. 

School Closed

If it is determined conditions will not improve, the decision to close schools will be made. When the decision is made, you will be notified through our various communication channels. When our schools are closed, our OSCAR program will also be closed as well. 

West School on a snowy day


In the event of a weather-related or emergency closing or delayed start, the district will use the following communication methods:

  • Recorded phone call
  • Text notification
  • District email
  • App notification (ParentSquare)
  • District Website –
  • District social media channels - Facebook and Instagram

The district’s mass notification system (ParentSquare) syncs nightly with our student information system (Infinite Campus). It is important for families to ensure contact information is up to date. To review or update your contact information, please log into your Campus Parent Portal account

Severe Cold Response Plans

Wind Chill Warning

Wind Chills
-30°F or less
Wind Speeds
10 mph or greater
Actual Temperature
-15°F or less

A wind chill warning indicates that life-threatening conditions and risk of safety exists. Measures should be taken to safeguard life and property immediately. A wind chill warning is typically issued when the wind chill will be -30°F or colder and the winds are greater than or equal to 10 mph OR the actual temperature is -15°F.

In the event of a Wind Chill Warning, a Severe Cold School Closure Day will be implemented. Classes will be canceled and school closure protocols will be instituted. All notification systems will be leveraged to send school cancellation communications to families.

Wind Chill Advisory

Wind Chills

-20°F to -29°F
Wind Speeds
10 mph or greater
Actual Temperature
-5°F to -14°F

A wind chill advisory is issued when conditions do not meet the wind chill warning criteria but still cause significant inconvenience. The weather during a wind chill advisory is not life-threatening but presents conditions that may result in inconveniences or poses a moderate risk to safety. A wind chill advisory is typically issued when the wind chill is -20°F or colder AND the winds are greater or equal to 10 mph.

In the event a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect, the District may remain open and student attendance is expected.

During School

  • All off-campus activities will be suspended (this includes, but is not limited to, all off-site daytime programs, field trips, and work programs).
  • Scheduled student transports between buildings will be assessed.
  • All outside student activities will be suspended.
  • Students will be allowed to keep outerwear with them while in the building.
  • All lab-based activities that have the potential to cause fire or smoke alarm activation will be reevaluated or rescheduled. Communication and coordination with the impacted departments will be conducted by building administration.
  • In the event of an emergency where evacuation of a building is necessary, District administration will work with local emergency personnel to get students out of the elements as quickly as possible. In most cases, the District would transport students to one of two reunification sites. To learn more about this process, please visit our Student/Parent Reunification Process webpage.

After School

  • Extracurricular activities will be evaluated and may be suspended if conditions persist.

The District uses the National Weather Service (NWS) as its primary meteorological source to determine and declare a wind chill warning or wind chill advisory.