Mrs. Gilmore

2016-2017 Schedule

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Student Dismissal Letter

Words Their Way – Word Study

Here you will find a list of our classroom word sorts along with a link to a PDF file for each sort. Click on the sort we are studying to help your child practice word spellings and meanings at home. Sorts will not necessarily be studied in numerical order. Students will be quizzed on ten words from the sort at the end of five-seven days of study. Each word on the quiz is worth two points, one for correctly sorting the word and one for spelling the word correctly.

Reading and Writing

This writing workshop based program has four units throughout the year:

1. How Writers Work – Parent Letter
2. Memoir
3. Biography – Parent Letter
4. Argumentative Essay

Each unit progresses through the same stages of the writing process:

Immersion > Generating Ideas > Selecting > Collecting > Drafting > Revising > Editing > Publishing

You can learn more at Schoolwide.


The Sycamore School District has recently adopted Eureka Math as our new math curriculum. Stay tuned for website updates regarding resources.

As you encounter Eureka Math homework pages this year, several resources listed below may be helpful in assisting your child at home.

Social Studies and Science

Each science unit lasts about 9 weeks.

  • Oceans
  • Rocks and Minerals/Landforms
  • Electricity
  • The Human Body

Social Studies – Units of Focus Throughout the Year

  • Early Civilizations
  • Native Americans
  • European Explorers
  • Colonial Times
  • The Revolutionary War
  • Government/US Constitution
  • Pioneers and Westward Expansion
  • Civil War